Setting Business and Personal Goals – DBA Small Business Show 12

Shannon and Dave come together today to talk about setting goals, the importance of it as well as how hard they find it to do some of the time! The episode itself is a meta example of why it’s sometimes important to abandon one’s goals and go with the flow. But goals are important, and your two favorite small business owners talk through all of this and more. We’d like to help make it your goal to send at least one piece of email to about your goals (and thoughts on the show). Deal?

Special Guest Abbi Vakil Talks Business- DBA Small Business Show 11

Long-time Apple-industry veteran, Abbi Vakil, joins Shannon and Dave today to talk small business. Abbi shares some great stories with some fantastic lessons he’s learned from decades of running some very successful businesses. Learn why the good stuff is accidental, the importance of doing math in your head, and even moreso the importance of saying, “no” (even with it’s Steve Jobs to whom you have to say it!). If you have questions of your own for Abbi, Shannon or Dave, send ’em in to

Tax Time For Business and Pleasure – DBA Small Business Show 10

Shannon and Dave celebrate April 15th by sharing their favorite tax anecdotes (yes, they have favorites!) as well as some of the lessons they’ve learned over the years. You don’t need to check with your accountant before you listen, but you almost certainly will want to do so after.

Take a breath – Learning to relax while Podcasting

So I’m learning. Getting pulled out of my comfort zone while recording the DBA Podcast each week with Dave – Episode 9 covers a topic I’m very passionate about: marketing with no money. Since I’ve had to do just that for so many companies I’ve started over the years, it’s near and dear to my heart and that’s why episode 9 might be a little like taking a drink of water out of a fire hose.

I mentioned to Dave that I still have that little voice in the back of my head telling me that “you’re recording a show, you’re recording a show – don’t screw it up!” This sometimes keeps me from letting the conversation flow at a more normal pace.

So, I’ll ask for a pass just this one time (well maybe not just this once), as you listen to episode 9, just realize it would be much better over a cold bear, sitting outside on the deck, waiting for the burgers to cook as we shared stories about our businesses.

And out on that deck, we really want to hear your stories, as well as any topics you would like us to discuss in future episodes. We’re excited about where DBA is going and having your feedback is an important part of the journey.



Self-Promotion Is Your Friend – DBA Small Business Show 9

Today Dave and Shannon talk through the benefits and techniques of telling your story all the time. Customers (existing and future) want to know who you are, what you do and what makes both you and your business interesting. Don’t be afraid to share, and always share with comfortable confidence.

Find Your Business Niche – The Small Business Show

Shannon and Dave hit the ground running and don’t stop. They both tell some great stories with some even better anecdotes. Listen to hear how you can learn the true purpose of your business from your customers that will help you find your niche. We also talk about how important it is to walk away from a sunk cost. Send in feedback to — We’d love to hear from you!