Business Partnerships: The Good, The Bad and More! DBA Small Business Show 16

Having a partner can be key to the success of you and your business. Someone to keep you accountable and someone else to do the work that you can’t makes great sense. But there’s a flipside, too, and not all of it is pretty. Hear from two serial partners about what has worked for them… and what hasn’t!

The Business Fear Confessional – DBA Small Business Show 15

In perhaps their most revealing episode thus far, Shannon and Dave tell their stories about fear; how it’s motivated them, paralyzed them and eventually gotten them further along the path of life. Your two hosts learned something from each other in this show, and you get to hear all about it. Plus if you have your own stories about fear, you can share them with Shannon and Dave at

Managing Business Email Lists and More with John Gautereaux – DBA Small Business Show 14

Shannon and Dave are joined today by John Gautereaux, email list expert extraordinaire, to talk promoting your business the right way (and making sure you don’t do it the wrong way!). Listen to these three chat about all things lists and beyond… plus a quick sneak peek at next week’s topic!

Managing Fear & Professional Development – DBA Small Business Show 13

Episode lucky number 13 starts out with Shannon and Dave talking about how easy it is to let the fear of the known paralyze you and your business, and what to do about it. Dave shares an anecdote about Comscore (spoiler, he hates it) and why it was valuable to spend the money regardless. Then it’s on to what it takes to increase your own value and that of your employees: professional development and networking. Great stories and advice about learning more … and dealing with the worst case scenario.