Pricing: When The Customer Is Rarely Right – Small Business Show 25

Shannon and Dave let loose on their favorite pricing secrets, and then let loose on customers who don’t want to follow them (except they really do!). You might agree or disagree with what your two favorite business geeks have to say, but you’ll definitely want to listen!

Business Banking with Paul Knowlton – Small Business Show 24

Business banker Paul Knowlton joins Shannon and Dave today to talk business banking, including how relationship transparency is important… as well as the Beer Test. Learn why it’s important to create a paper trail for your business early on, and learn how to be realistic when heading in to talk to your banker!

The Delegation Episode – Small Business Show 23

Delegation is probably the most important thing you need to do in order to grow your business. Problem is, it doesn’t come naturally to most anyone who has what it takes to start a business. With that in mind, Shannon and Dave talk through their experiences (successes … and failures!) with delegation, and Shannon explains just how important it is to create an org chart.

Embracing Change and Balancing Risk with Mike DeGoey – DBA Small Business Show 22

Mike DeGoey originally bought Mendocino Glove through business broker, Since then, though, he’s really made the business his own, and now is going through a rebranding process to call it Workman Glove and Safety, better reflecting what his business does now.

We learned some great things from Mike, including that we all need to learn what our business is: Solve people’s problems, don’t just sell them something. That, plus Mike’s awesome return policy, is why he’s a success!

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