Small Business Interview with Sara Beznicki of A Gilded Leaf – Small Business Show 107

What if you were tasked with taking a thriving brick and mortar business with an established clientele and transitioning it to an ecommerce business selling a completely different product line to a new demographic? How would you handle the stress of trying to keep existing customers happy while attracting new customers to grow the business? Sara Beznicki and Isabelle Tan jumped into this situation in 2015, leaving the corporate world to successfully launch A Gilded Leaf to find new customers and growth, while protecting the companies existing customer base.

Join us today on the Small Business Show to hear about how the company sells on multiple marketplaces and converts customers to direct purchasing from their website, how independent user testing helped to change their website design and how focusing on specific customer groups rather than just sheer numbers has helped the business grow.

After the show, join in on the conversation on the Small Business Support Group! 


  • 00:00:00 Small Business Show #107 February 22, 2017
  • 00:00:58 Sara Beznicki from A Gilded Leaf Jewelry <>
  • 00:02:52 Changing your parents’ business
  • 00:03:24 moving from corporate to small business – doing it all. Many tasks –
  • 00:07:02 Going to where the customers are
  • 00:10:13 Try, try and try again. Don’t get stuck.
  • 00:10:41 Use to test your site <>
  • 00:12:24 Shopify Platform <>
  • 00:14:02 Use Pinterest and then boost
  • 00:16:00 Brick and mortar to Appointment Only
  • 00:17:24 Robots don’t buy your products!
  • 00:19:33 Customer feedback as a success metric
  • 00:21:06 Stay Calm

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