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Since 2015 Shannon Jean and Dave Hamilton have been giving you the business. Learn from Small Business owners just like yourself and listen to your hosts discuss their own success and failures along the way.

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Interview with Garry VonMyhr, Co-Founder of Tech Defenders

Join us today as we welcome Garry VonMyhr, Co-Founder of Tech Defenders, Mobile Defenders and Genius iPhone Repair to discuss his journey starting and running multiple businesses in the mobile electronics space.

Season 5, Episode 236    |    44min

Teaching Employee Accountability – Small Business Show 235

Mastering accountability for yourself is critically important for the success of your Small Business. Now it's time to teach the same skills to your employees and contractors to create a culture of accountability that will lead to your inevitable...

Accountability Leads to Success – Small Business Show 234

Have you found the Small Business Show useful? You can give a little love back to the show by leaving a quick review for us. It has a tremendous impact and could be the most powerful thing you do today. Thanks! Being focused on accountability is a...

Delivering a Minimally Viable Product – Small Business Show 232

One of the most challenging times when developing a new product or service or when starting a new business is when you are close to being ready to launch. You are at the 80-90% completion point, but you just want to make a few changes, add another...

Creating a Habit Stack – Small Business Show 229

Developing positive habits and minimizing negative habits is important for you AND for your employees. By breaking down our larger goals into small tasks and habits, we can shift the focus away from willpower and motivation to small steps, habits...

Using a Podcast as a Marketing Tool – Small Business Show 228

Are Podcasts a good marketing tool for your Small Business? Can you connect with your customers on a different level by hosting your own Podcast and if so, how do you get started? Join us today on this episode of the Small Business Show to find out...

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