Listener Questions: Making Cold Calls & Joint Ventures – DBA Small Business Show 21

Digging into the mailbag this week, Shannon and Dave answer YOUR questions. How best do you handle cold-calling? Is that a necessary part of growing one’s business? And then it’s on to what to look out for when heading into a joint venture. Do you need an attorney and what other steps should you take? Shannon and Dave share their stories and answer these questions and more!

Jon Barretto from Fully Laced, Building Relationships & Stashing Your Cash – DBA Small Business Show 20

fully-lacedJon Barretto at joins Shannon and Dave today to tell all his stories and share his secrets to success. Learn just how far the skill of building relationships can take you… and learn when to stash your cash! You can learn more about Jon and follow FullyLaced on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, too.

Hiring, Firing and Salaries – DBA Small Business Show 19

Three very difficult — and unnatural — tasks for any small business owner involve the hiring, firing and wage-setting for employees. Shannon and Dave talk through their experiences they’ve encountered going through all of this. Hear about the pitfalls and, yes, even some success stories they’ve had, too. Even more important, though, are YOUR stories. Send ’em in to and we’ll share!

Running Out of Gas is The Best Way to Start a Business – DBA Small Business Show 18

RJ Waldron from Northwind Outfitters joins Shannon and Dave tonight to talk about his fishing and hunting guide business. As always, the conversation turns to the little things that matter, and RJ delivers with some great stories about customer service trumping all. Well, that and Quicken. Listen for details and enjoy! If you have questions or tips, send ’em in to

Starting a Business Quickly – DBA Small Business Show 17

Today Shannon and Dave dig into the mailbag and answer a listener’s email about getting started. What’s the quickest way to accept money from clients in the name of your new company? How should one go about getting incorporated? What structures are there? Consider this a survey course in all of that… and more!