Small Business end of year tasks and opportunities – SBS 42

The Small Business Show Podcast

With just a few weeks left before the calendar ticks over to 2016, it’s time to start thinking about a few things: what to do for your employees? What do do for your customers? What to do for yourself? Taxes, health insurance, gifts, bonuses and more are the seeds for today’s topics. Listen to your two favorite business geeks discuss these things and get your questions in before time runs out: is the best way to reach Shannon and Dave. We’d be happy to hear from you!

Losing Employees, Confidential Information and Moral – SBS 41

The Small Business Show Podcast

Shannon and Dave dig into the mailbag today to answer a trio of questions from folks dealing with departing employees. Various reasons and scenarios led to the departures, and those each play a huge part in the advice and thoughts shared by your two favorite business geeks. On top of that, Dave spends a little time at the beginning of the show discussing the value of time pressure: sometimes you’re more productive when you have less time to complete your work. Send your thoughts in anytime to

A decade of small business experiences with Mick’s Macs – SBS 40

The Small Business Show Podcast

Mick Guinn started Mick’s Macs ten years ago and has learned a lot about being a small business owner during that time. He has always made sure to keep a focus on what his employees actually need, being careful not to project his own desires onto others. He also shares some advice on how to foster a healthy business relationship with your team while still allowing an appropriate and healthy personal distance.

A favorite quote, “It was such an interesting disaster to learn from!” But don’t worry, all’s well with Mick’s Macs. Listen today to hear the context of that and more, including what other business Mick describes as a “spiky, but low-hanging fruit!”

Small Business Legal – David Sparks advises and starts businesses

David Sparks, long time attorney and long-time geek left the practice he had been with for decades to branch out on his own. Using his geek skills to build the foundation for his nascent practice’s infrastructure, David is able to better service his clients and carve out that valuable time to spend with family and on other projects. “I knew I wanted to go out on my own, but I was terrified of admitting to myself that I wanted to do it.”

Listen to David talk small business legal startup tactics with Dave and Shannon on today’s Small Business Show

Visit David at (for the geek stuff) and (for the law stuff).