How Small Business Competes for Employees with Well Funded Startups – SBS 51

dba-podcast-logo-1-Jan2016Shannon and Dave talk about the impact that small business owners feel when competing for employees with new, well-funded startups (aka those that can hire people their cash flow doesn’t afford!). Shannon found a great article about how on-demand businesses have created a new era of entrepreneurship — and how attractive that is to employees that want to break out of the 9-to-5 workweek. Listen to what your two favorite business geeks have to say!

Luxury Small Business Success Story: – SBS 50

Rob Gautereaux started in 2004 as a site with product articles and classified ads. Within 2 years he realized there was better value to the JustLuxe readers – and JustLuxe themselves – if they were a true publication business. Since then JustLuxe has grown significantly by creating their own great content and partnering with The RGM Group to help them monetize. Rob talks about many things including identifying the right opportunities and, more importantly, walking through the door when you find them. Rob also is involved in his family business, G4 Design House, which has built 350 web sites in the last 2 years for small businesses, spreading his clients’ payments out over months or years to ease the burden on small businesses. He’s a busy guy, and has quite a few lessons to share. We’re happy he took the time to share them with us!

Naming Your Business and Credit Card Rewards – Small Business Show 49

Shannon and Dave dig in today, talking about naming your business (and theirs!) as well as reward credit cards. How do you go about picking a good name for a business and what message does it send to your customers? Your favorite business geeks are also rewards credit card geeks that love earning points and perks by using their credits cards for their businesses. They dissect an article Dave found and share their favorite tips and tricks for using their favorite rewards cards.

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The Small Business Cash Flow Show – SBS 48

Cash is king. You hear it all the time, but have you ever sat down and thought about what it means for your small businesssmall business cash flow? Your two favorite business geeks have and they share their thoughts about how to manage – and even get – cash the right way. Profits are great, but cash is king. Listen now to hear why!