Small Business Customer Reviews – Managing the positive and negative – SBS 55

small business reviews and how to manageEpisode 55 means it’s a perfect time to discuss what your two favorite business geeks have learned from watching Sammy Hagar over the years. You might be surprised to hear the revelations that Shannon and Dave have. Then it’s on to reviews. Every business gets reviews, even those that don’t think they do (someday Dave will learn that every episode matters!). Learn from Shannon and Dave their techniques for how to deal with negative reviews… and also how NOT to deal with them!

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Dave and Shannon Interview Each Other – Small Business Show 54

Your two favorite business geeks are about to celebrate their one year anniversary of podcasting together and to celebrate … they interview each other. Hear Dave and Shannon ask one another about their starts, their stops, their transitions and more!

Small Business and your personal privacy, how to set prices and more – SBS 53

Small business privacy and how to set pricesIt’s mailbag day today! Shannon and Dave answer two of your questions this week, the first is about crafting your public persona. No one is better equipped to represent your business than you are, and that means you have to get comfortable putting yourself out there, too. But you don’t have to put everything online — Shannon and Dave talk through how to build that filter and use it. The second question is about pricing your business’s products or services, and that leads to an interesting discussion about the upcoming Small Business Show book! Also… theme music!

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Grow Your Small Business, Executive Summaries and the Beer Test! – SBS 52

Grow your small businessToday’s small business show takes us through some of the bigger-picture stuff you can do to grow your small business. What would it take to grow your business to be ten times its size? What would you change if you were running your business like you intended to sell it? If you had to write an executive summary about your business, what would you say? We also spend some time talking about your board of advisors and why the Beer Test matters.

Listen as Shannon and Dave discuss these questions and put some perspective on how you can make things work even better for you in this new year.