Crazy Ideas vs. Managing Your Time and Naysayers – SBS 64

Ever have a crazy idea? Of course you have. Exploring those ideas can be the thing that leads to the next business opportunity. And that next business opportunity might eventually be the thing that puts food on your table. You need to pay attention to those crazy ideas, but you also need to learn how to make sure you don’t just spend your time chasing all the ideas. Shannon and Dave have experience with both sides of this and today’s the day they talk about it. Dave even throws in a new crazy idea of his own… and who knows? Maybe it’ll be lucrative some day soon!

We also spend some time talking about how to deal with naysayers, if you should be sharing all your crazy ideas or just waiting to talk about how things are going once you get them started and giving yourself permission to just mess around. You just never know where things will lead and if you don’t let yourself wander a bit, you’re bound to miss opportunities.

We wrap up the show by discussing your personal brand, when to start developing it, why you need to in the first place and what you can do with it once everyone knows what a rock star you actually are.

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Managing the Growth of your Business with Bryan O’Connell of Meras Engineering – SBS 63

Any growth for your small business is good and the faster the better, right? Bryan O’Connell, co-founder of Meras Engineering would disagree! Bryan joins us today on the Small Business Show to talk about managing growth, choosing business partners, finding an advisory group that holds you accountable and more. We also discuss the value of an MBA degree, creating a customer obsessed culture and when to make yourself slow down so you can think. Great show today with some valuable insight and advice from 12-years of building Meras into the success it is today. Join us!

Mentions: Alliance of CEO’s

Optimizing your Small Business & Your Time: Kelan Raph of Grand Canal Solutions – SBS 62

Kelan Raph has built a career helping people get their products from point A to point B. With his current venture, Grand Canal Solutions, he and his team have developed Optimize, a service that automatically identifies enhancements and optimizations to your product shipments, warehousing and more. Kelan talks to Shannon and Dave about blending partnerships with opportunities, his marketing experiments, how best to manage interruptions and much MUCH more! Kelan is a big fan of business books, and recommended more than a few, including:

Join us on this episode of the Small Business Show to learn more about optimizing your business as well as your time.

When and How to Sell Your Small Business – Seapoint Business Advisors – SBS 61

Ever thought about selling your business? We thought so! Bob Grewal  of Seapoint Business Advisors sells businesses for a living, and he deals with all kinds of issues you haven’t even considered yet. Recasting financials, dealing with your employees, reducing the perception of risk and distributing revenue are all things you’ll have to deal with and Bob provides some great perspective on all of that and more! Listen today and learn how the process might work, along with some of Bob’s favorite stories of things that have happened along the way. Join us for the Small Business Show!

Bob Grewal: Seapoint Business Advisors