Remind Yourself of your Successes – Small Business Show 73

small business successHow often are you getting patted on the back as a Small Business owner? Not enough, we know. On episode 73 of the Small Business Show, Dave and Shannon discuss developing a “Success List” that you can refer to when things get tough (because they always do), to remind yourself of just how awesome you actually are. By measuring your success in small steps, you’ll achieve larger victories that much faster.

We also spend a few minutes talking our recent Vaya Island interview from our previous show, how to stop yourself from being paralyzed by the “what-ifs” and much more! Join us and then come share your Small Business success story via email or text at 401-472-4249.

Authenticity and Small Business Success with John Moran from Vaya Island – SBS 72

vaya island instagram success

Live Easy with John Moran of Vaya Island

What’s your small business story? Do you promote your geographic location as a strength? Do you promote your authenticity? How do you find the influencers to help you grow your Instagram presence? Join us for episode 72 of the Small Business Show to find the answers to these questions and more!

John Moran from Vaya Island joins us this week for the Small Business Show to discuss how he has created a successful business and a huge social media following in a very short time. John shares how he grew his “Ambassador” program to over 5000 strong by sharing product and discounts with loyal fans on Instagram where he has over 23,000 followers that love Vaya Island products and the Vaya message of leading a positive and stress free lifestyle.

Vaya Island’s story is an inspiring one that all of us can learn from. Listen in and let us know your thoughts with a quick text or voicemail to 401-472-4249!

Small Business Technology – Hardware and Software For your Small Business – SBS 71

technology-choiceWhat technology products and services does your Small Business need to succeed? Computers, phones, software and more – essential tools for starting and running your business.  Join Dave and Shannon on episode 71 of the Small Business Show to learn more!

For the first time, both of your hosts are on the West Coast, recording the Small Business Show together! We leave Skype behind for this show and jump right into a discussion about what technology we use to run our various businesses. We start the show with a discussion about computers, then jump right into which type of phone system you’ll need, what type of credit card processing is the best choice, which software will make your life easier and much more.

Products and Services mentioned on the show:

Cloud based phone systems:, RingCentral, Grasshopper

Accounting Apps: FreshBooks, QuickBooks, AccountEdge

Payment Processing: Paypal, Square, Stripe

ShipWorks, ShipStation

Customer Support: HelpScout, ZenDesk

Database Awesomeness : Filemaker Pro

We only got through about half of our show notes, so look forward to Part 2 of Tech and your Small Business coming soon!

The Impact of Change on You and Your Small Business – SBS 70

change is good

This is NOT how to handle change in your Small Business!

Welcome to Episode 70 of the Small Business Show!

This week we do a quick follow up on Facebook advertising with comments from Dave about ads for the Gig Gab podcast and their interview with Jan Hammer. You’ll hear about some inexpensive ways to get started with Facebook ads and how to keep tweaking your ads as you start to see results.

We then jump into this week’s primary topic: Change and how to make it work for you. Shannon spends some time discussing how, as an entrepreneur and business owner, you may love change, but what about the people around you? Your employees, and even your family. How does change impact them and how do you go about getting everyone onboard when you know a change needs to be made?

Changing quickly can be a critical part of success for your small business. Join us this week on the Small Business Show for tips and tricks that have helped your co-hosts succeed over the last 20-years with their businesses.

Mentioned on this episode of the Small Business Show:

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Part 2 of the Small Business IRS Show – SBS 69

Join us this week for episode 69 of the Small Business Show!

Dave and Shannon talk about Dave’s new business venture and then they jump right into part 2 of their series of tips about managing the tricky relationship that your business has with the IRS. Things like the importance of putting a human element into the relationship, getting advice BEFORE you need advice and more insight into how to turn a potential problem into just one more challenge that you will power through.

If you do have the pleasure of going through an IRS audit, Shannon spends some time discussing how the IRS will also be auditing YOU in addition to your business. Every contact you have will be either a positive opportunity or a reason for the IRS to delve deeper into your business. You’ll want to be sure your lifestyle matches your tax returns. Listen in for more details.

Finally, we talk about the all-important Payroll Tax and how to not go astray when managing those funds and we wrap the show up with tips on deciding if your independent contractors are actually employees and the importance of managing the sales tax you collect in your state.

Want to chime in and share your experience? Send us a text or leave us a voicemail at 401-472-4249. We would love to hear from you!