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Since 2015 Shannon Jean and Dave Hamilton have been giving you the business. Learn from Small Business owners just like yourself and listen to your hosts discuss their own success and failures along the way.

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Courtney De Ronde – TDT CPAs and Advisors

Today we get to focus on one of my least favorite, yet arguably most important topics for Small Business owners. Managing your accounting and cash flow is critically important to make your business successful and to keep it healthy. The reason accounting isn’t my favorite topic is that I am just not very good at it. I have focused most of my business efforts on the top line of sales and growth – not always the best technique.

Today I am looking forward to learning more about how choosing the right CPA and advisor can help achieve better results and help business owners take their companies to the next level. To help educate us today we are joined by Courtney DeRonde, a Managing Partner from TDT CPA’s and Advisors.

Season 6, Episode 299    |    48min

Actions are Greater Than Ideas – Small Business Show 290

Actions are Greater Than Ideas – Small Business Show 290

Join your hosts Dave Hamilton and Shannon Jean for a special episode of The Small Business Show where we argue that your actions far outweigh the importance of your idea when you are seeking Small Business Success. We then jump into a discussion...

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