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Brian Burke 

Personal Branding and LinkedIn Success

As Small Business owners, we are all laser-focused on creating healthy and profitable businesses as part of the path to living a Charmed Life. But what about building your own personal brand? Expanding off of your business success to create a network of success based just on who you are. Today on the show, we are joined by one of our favorite guests to discuss the art of personal branding. Brian Burke is the Founder and Chief Mac Man at SellYourMac.com, Founder of RenewedMacs.com, he’s a Board Member and Technology Chair for the Adopt a Class Foundation, and he’s pretty much the most active person you will find on LinkedIn with over 14,000 followers. He’s the guy in the bright blue suit with the huge smile on his face, and today, we’re going to talk about Brian’s take on the power of building your personal brand.


Season 6, Episode 302    |    42min

David Jenyns of Systemology – Small Business Show Episode 275

David Jenyns of Systemology – Small Business Show Episode 275

We’ve been focusing on the power of Systems on recent episodes of the Small Business Show and I’m excited to bring another perspective to the conversation with our guest today. Systems are what allow your Small Business to adapt and succeed. They...

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