paypal smaller merchant advisory delegationYou know the name, you’ve accepted the payment method. But, did you know that Paypal has a team of people focused solely on Small Business advocacy and public policy? Joining us today on the Small Business Show is Paul Disselkoen, Paypal Public Relations Specialist. Paul is charged with getting the voices of Small Business owners heard by politicians that are setting public policy that impacts Small Businesses throughout the country.

Join your hosts Dave Hamilton and Shannon Jean to learn about what Paypal is doing to insure that it’s not just the big companies that are sending lobbyists to Washington. You’ll get a chance to find out about the Paypal Small Merchant Advisory Delegation and how YOU can join and get your message heard and get some great publicity for your Small Business.

Paul takes us through the role that Paypal plays in helping to set policies that are favorable for Small Business owners and discusses the types of businesses they are looking for to connect with lawmakers locally, as well as in their annual trip to D.C. to connect with legislators on Capitol Hill.

Listen in to learn more and find out how you can join the Small Merchant Advisory Board to protect and promote your Small Business. After the show, click over to the Small Business Support Group to share your thoughts about the show!


  • 00:00:00 Small Business Show #124 June 21, 2017
  • 00:00:49 Paul DisselkoenPayPal Government Relations Specialist
  • 00:02:45 Small Business Merchant Advocacy Delegation (SMAD)
  • 00:03:48 Lobbying for Small Business – getting the voice of Small Business owners heard
  • 00:05:26 Introducing SMB owners to their representatives in govt.
  • 00:08:17 How do businesses join SMAD?
    • Finding good stories from passionate SMB owners
  • 00:09:28 What makes a good SMAD member?
  • 00:11:09 Use PayPal to vet overseas suppliers
  • 00:12:38 Using SMAD to overcome challenges
    • Paypal SMB research report
  • 00:17:00 Thought leaders in the Small Business area
  • 00:18:21 PayPal hosts local events for Small Business Owners as well as trips to D.C.
  • 00:19:24 Small Business Pitted Together with Politics
  • 00:21:52 PayPal Public Policy on Twitter
  • 00:24:05 Check the “Join” Link at
  • 00:24:34 SBS Outtro
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