What is Intentional Tension and how can you use it to achieve more with your Small Business? Join your hosts Dave Hamilton and Shannon Jean for this episode of the Small Business Show to hear why introducing Intentional Tension to your company culture can increase productivity and produce higher quality results.

We also discuss why some people feel the urge to quit on the cusp of success. What is it about that last 10% of a project, new business or new product launch that is often so hard to complete? Both Dave and Shannon have experience with this phenomenon and they have tips for you to help avoid these situations.

Listen in for these topics and more as we discuss ways to make all of our Small Businesses better. After the show, please take 30-seconds to leave us a review on the Apple Podcast directory – it really helps!


  • 00:00:00 Small Business Show #238 for Wednesday, August 28, 2019
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  • 00:04:27 Intentional Tension
  • 00:09:19 Always Keep them Uncomfortable
  • 00:12:33 Think in terms of Frameworks
  • 00:15:56 Netflix powerpoint and podcast regarding their sports team policy
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  • 00:23:17 When people quit just as it’s getting good
  • 00:33:11 The Easy/Difficult Sandwich
  • 00:34:58 Fear of the Daily Grind
  • 00:37:08 37 Signals
  • 00:38:59 Parkinson’s Law
  • 00:41:58 Business Therapy: Contracts for the Contractually Reticent
    • Relationship Framework
  • 00:53:29 SBS 238 Outtro
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